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Stroho - Strong Home
Houston, Texas

Stroho is an e-commerce company focused on enriching the quality of life for our communities by helping consumers create a sustainable lifestyle, while saving time, energy and money, by delivering HVAC Air Filters on a subscription basis.

Learn more and send your clients a Closing Gift - Strong Home Kit. For $29.95 your clients will receive a branded (Your Picture & Your Logo) kit inclusive of a free shipment of Air Filters, 6 smoke detector batteries, a personalized note from you and a Pass It On card for referrals. You can also purchase an Air Filter subscription for your home as well. 20% of all sales are donated to GiveBack Homes. bit.ly/givebackhomes


Our vision of Strong Homes, Strong Families, Strong Communities is the foundation we stand on. Stroho is committed to being a socially innovative and socially responsible corporation that gives back to strengthen our communities where we live, work, play and beyond. In the coming years, we envision Stroho as an enduring corporation that will touch the lives of families and communities worldwide.


Stroho’s founder Myron Washington is an entrepreneur inspired and motivated to change the world through social innovation, sustainability and philanthropy.

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