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Introducing Amanda. Amanda is a dynamic and accomplished real estate broker with a diverse background that has shaped her unique approach to the industry. Graduating from Central Michigan University with a degree in Integrative Public Relations and double minors in Marketing and Advertising, she quickly realized the traditional 9-to-5 office setting wasn't for her. With a bold spirit, she ventured into real estate and swiftly achieved Broker status in 2010, proving that there are no limits to what she can accomplish.

Her journey took her from California to Florida, where she thrived in both resale and new home sales. Embracing the challenge of juggling bi-coastal markets, Amanda honed her expertise, becoming a seasoned professional who could adeptly guide clients through various real estate landscapes. Her own experiences as a buyer and seller enriched her understanding of her clients' needs, fostering a deep sense of empathy and personalized service.

Amanda's success surged in 2020-2021 as she navigated the housing market during the pandemic, recognizing the true value of home in people's lives. She then expanded her reach to the Carolinas, where she took on the role of Broker in Charge after witnessing the home buying process in the area. Combining her love for the region and her commitment to exceptional service, she swiftly rose to the top in terms of sales in 2023.

Throughout her career, Amanda's unwavering adaptability, flexibility, and gratitude have been the keys to her long-term success. She approaches each client's sale as if it were her own family's, offering honesty, empathy, and relentless dedication. Crediting God for her achievements and valuing personal connections above all, Amanda strives to make every client feel like her best client because, to her, they truly are.

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