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Andrew Eftekhari seamlessly blends unwavering dedication with a passion for delivering exceptional service in the dynamic realm of real estate. With over a decade-long track record in luxury sales, Andrew’s expertise and attentiveness emanates. His earlier venture into the mortgage industry endowed him with extensive financial acumen, a crucial asset in navigating intricate real estate transactions.

As the Lead Buyer’s Agent for the Scott Moore Group, Andrew boasts an impressive track record, having facilitated over $25 million in career real estate sales within a mere two years since joining SMG. His extensive knowledge of local market trends and guidelines equips him with unparalleled industry insights, enhancing every transaction he engages in.

Andrew’s essence lies in his unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, fortified by integrity, ingenious problem-solving, meticulous attention to detail, and an unyielding dedication to delivering substantial value for clients involved in significant investments. In the realm of real estate, Andrew goes beyond mere transactions, embodying a holistic vision that includes a profound understanding of the market while prioritizing the individual needs of his clients.

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