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Ansel grew up playing around in his father's photo studio and gallery. Making frequent trips to art galleries and museums as a youth, he fell in love with architecture and design and knew by the time he was 12 years old that he wanted to eventually work with homes. Fortunately, his attention to detail, artistic eye, and natural affinity towards fine homes work well together in the real estate industry.

After graduating from UC Riverside with a Business Administration degree, Ansel began his real estate career as a customer service representative and researcher at Chicago Title Insurance. He knew he would eventually end up in brokerage, but decided to start there because it would give him an edge on mining information about properties. Ansel then went to residential real estate brokerage at Remax in Orange County, where he was involved heavily in the short term flipping industry.

When the distressed market started diminishing in 2010, Ansel decided to move over to LA, where he began focusing on the areas of Hancock Park, Mid-Wilshire district and Downtown LA. He also moved over to a commercial real estate brokerage, where learned and practiced financial analysis for commercial real estate.

Ansel loves selling sound investments and working with his clients. One of his favorite parts of real estate work is delivering good news to his clients about how much equity they have developed throughout their holding period. He was recently helping with development of the company First Center Equity (FCE) in the Mid-Wilshire district, and was doing great. However, when his friend, Hana Cha, asked him to join her at The Agency, it was an opportunity that Ansel couldn't pass up. For Ansel, working in real estate in Beverly Hills is a dream come true.

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