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With an exceptional track record that places her in the coveted top 1% for sales in Hampton Roads, Ashley McDougal brings unparalleled expertise and passion to our team.
Ashley's dedication to her craft is rooted in her profound understanding of the significance of homeownership – to her, it's not just a transaction, but a pivotal moment in our clients' lives. Her commitment to being an integral part of these monumental investments speaks volumes about her dedication to her clients' success.
With a deep admiration for teamwork and individual growth, Ashley stands out as a catalyst for collaborative excellence. Her voracious appetite for knowledge, exemplified by her love for reading, fuels her innovative spirit, setting the stage for her early morning rise and commitment to each day's potential. Beyond her professional pursuits, Ashley's love for all things Greek, particularly its cuisine, reflects her zest for life's vibrant experiences. Guided by her influential mentor, Kim Curtis, Ashley embodies the belief that determination knows no bounds, and dreams are the foundation of boundless achievements.
Ashley's favorite quote, "Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels..." – encapsulates her approach to real estate, rooted in embracing uniqueness and pushing boundaries. Her favorite quote reflects her belief in the power of change, echoing her chosen path of driving the industry forward. As she joins The Agency, Ashley McDougal is set to make an indelible mark, armed with her favorite books, "Energy Bus," "Don’t Split the Difference," "Crush It," and "The E Myth," which mirror her unyielding pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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