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Cicily has been immersed in the dynamic world of real estate for most of her life. Armed with confidence and expertise she refined through years of entrepreneurship, As a founding member of The Agency’s office in Carmel, Cicily has always forged her own path. Being part of The Agency's global family, which spans over 100+ offices worldwide, places Cicily in a community of like-minded professionals. Together, they collaborate, share resources, and provide unwavering support, all with a shared commitment to achieving success for their clients. Backed by a comprehensive team specializing in creative, digital, marketing, and public relations, Cicily stands out for her ability to craft bespoke, property-specific marketing strategies that are unparalleled.

Our approach to real estate transcends mere transactional mechanics. Cicily's extensive experience, spanning more than two decades, sets her apart in designing and developing properties alongside her husband, Braden Sterling of Sterling|Huddleson Architecture. This collaboration has provided a deep understanding of the industry and cultivated a network of trusted design and construction professionals affectionately known as her "team."

In the realm of real estate, Cicily believes that each home has a unique story, and employs a versatile set of tools to effectively narrate that story. Her proficiency spans various domains, including design, interior decor, virtual staging/renderings, videography, and strategic press engagement. Her approach distinguishes itself from the conventional services offered by traditional home sales agents. With a comprehensive background in architecture and design, marketing, renovation, and development, she brings a level of service that exceeds the ordinary, offering an experience that goes above and beyond expectations.

Our approach to real estate transcends the ordinary, with a focus on the intricacies of each property. Cicily's ability to identify subtle characteristics of homes, often overlooked by others, sets her apart. She consistently showcases a property's unique attributes in her marketing endeavors, creating a standout end product and adding substantial value. Cicily's perspective on real estate is not just about transactions; it's about selling something that profoundly defines people—their homes and lifestyles, "We are selling the most important thing in the world that defines even the wealthiest of people, where and how you live" says Cicily.

The Monterey Peninsula is a world-class destination and attracts some of the world's most discerning residents and potential buyers. Cicily understands the responsibility of representing notable clients and properties and prioritizes confidentiality and discretion. To this end, Cicily utilizes wealth management to determine the suitability of a prospective buyer, thereby protecting client privacy and avoiding unnecessary showings.

The Sterling family has lived on the Monterey Peninsula for three generations. Cicily’s appreciation and knowledge of the region run deep. Cicily and her family split their time between Carmel and Montecito, with offices in both locations. In her limited free time, Cicily enjoys traveling with her family, hiking in Big Sur, and spending time with friends/family along the California coast.

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