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Clay Seymour was born on the beautiful island of Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos.

Professionally trained and qualified in the guest services sector of the hospitality industry, Clay has over 25 years of extensive expertise in delivering exceptional customer service.

Clay has a love for martial arts and self-defense. Clay holds the rank of 3 Dan Black Belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido and is the Chief Instructor, and owner, of the Aikido TCI Fitness Dojo establishment, which teaches the art and offers self-defense training to adults and children.

Having been a cyclist for the past two decades, Clay is a seasoned and avid rider who can often be spotted most mornings taking an early ride on the roads of beautiful Provo.

Clay sees himself as a true sportsman and has a passion for fitness. Clay considers fitness to be a lifestyle that requires healthy choices and discipline, and he enjoys imparting his expertise in fitness and martial arts to others.

His goal is to serve as a role model to his fellow Turks and Caicos Islanders and all residents, demonstrating that fitness can be achieved through discipline, determination, and dedication.

Along with the right attitude, it can be accomplished at any age.

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