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Member of The Agency Venice, Corey Scott serves clients from Malibu to Manhattan Beach. Efficient and easy-going, Corey approaches his role as a creative problem solver—thinking outside the box to deliver outstanding results. He thrives in the fast-paced environment of real estate. To Corey, the constantly evolving market allows nearly endless opportunities: “Real estate, by nature, is finite,” he notes. “And the California coast even more so, which makes real estate so incredibly dynamic.”

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Corey graduated from Columbia College with a  business degree focused on entertainment and a minor in astronomy. Prior to launching his real estate career, he spent 15 years working in music—touring coast to coast in a band, owning a recording studio and producing records. As a music producer, he played a very unique role, not unlike that of a real estate agent: “You have to be very open to listening to the artist, interpreting their ideas and feelings into a language that can be made tangible while guiding them through the emotional ups and downs that are inherent with any important decision,” says Corey. Meanwhile, you’re also managing the artist’s recording budget, scheduling studio time, hiring other performers, signing contracts, bookkeeping and constantly staying current with popular trends and technologies.” As in the world of music, whether a client is navigating this very complex industry for the first time or a seasoned player, Corey guides them in making the best decision possible with transparency, honesty and enthusiasm.

“Relationships are the best part of my job—and life,” says Corey. “I am fortunate to connect with so many amazing people, whether personal, with clients or with colleagues, and I strive to maintain the highest level of integrity and continue to grow so I can show up as the best version of myself in every one of my relationships.”

Corey enjoys driving around his beautiful city, in awe of its nature and humbled by the opportunity to connect people with the most dreamt-about properties on the planet. He spends his time studying the markets, writing songs, taking classes, hosting cookouts with friends and riding his motorcycle up the coast to surf. He is an advocate for maintaining the health of the world’s water sources and agricultural land and contributes to the Waterkeeper Alliance and Farmer’s Footprint, non-profits that preserve, protect and regenerate resources. He also performs with other musicians at the UCLA Children’s Hospital.

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