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In her 18+ years of experience as a realtor, Evelyn Nambiar Schwimmer has developed her impressive career by delivering exceptional service and results to her clients. Now at The Agency Denver as an agent herself and their Agent Developer Manager, she is thrilled to continue her love of mentoring new agents and has discovered a passion for helping and developing them to become successful and highly respectable in the industry.

While working with multiple people in the industry over the years of her career, she has become very knowledgeable in the many aspects of development, commercial real estate, interior design, and residential real estate.

Having lived in Colorado the majority of her life, Evelyn has extensive knowledge of the state, allowing her to provide each of her clients with expert real estate advice regarding family value and location. With her strong negotiating skills and comprehensive real estate expertise, she loves helping everyone with their real estate transactions.

“Whether buying or selling, I can assist you with finding the right home to fit your needs as well as selling your property for the best value. Personally, it is a very pleasurable and gratifying experience to help a client sell their home and find the perfect home that best suits them and their lifestyle. Honesty, patience, attention to detail, and the ability to listen to my client's needs/requests have always served me well in this business.”

Evelyn’s goal is to make all my clients happy, whether they are buying or selling. She strives to check off all the boxes to find the perfect home in the right neighborhood for you and your family.

Evelyn's family is from the Fiji Islands, with extended family in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  As a child, she has had the wonderful opportunity to experience traveling to other countries. Her husband Seth and daughter McKinley recently moved up to Evergreen, CO in the fall of 2021 along with their dog Madison. She loves traveling, cooking, paddling boarding, hiking, and spending time with her family.


  • 2005-2010 Platinum Keller Williams Sales Awards (Member of the Burnett Team)
  • Keller Williams Breakfast of Champions Award 2009 (Member of the Burnett Team)
  • 2011 Quadruple Gold Keller Williams Sales Award (Member of the Burnett Team)
  • 2012-2013 Platinum Keller Williams Sales Awards (Member of the Burnett Team)
  • 2014 Silver Keller Williams Sales Awards
  • 2015 Gold Keller Williams Sales Awards- #1 in GOLD - Racked in the Top 25 out of 517 Agents in my Office 2016 Gold Keller Williams Sales Awards
  • 2017 Silver Keller Williams Sales Awards
  • 2018 Bronze Keller Williams Sales Awards
  • 2019 Bronze Keller Williams Sales Awards
  • 2020 Gold Keller Williams Sales Awards
  • *2021 Quadruple Gold category. I was ranked #5 out of 448 individual agents in my company, and #12 overall (which includes large organizations and mega teams) *

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