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Gerrit was born and raised in Germany, possessing fluency in both German and English. His journey led him to Miami in 2008. During his time spent in Germany, Gerrit earned a degree in Banking, and upon relocating to Miami, completed his Bachelor's in Business Administration, which he had commenced in Germany.

His interest in the real estate market, particularly from a financial perspective, developed swiftly. He initiated his journey by investing in asset-backed, Non-Performing Loans and later expanded into the acquisition, renovation, and resale of condominiums and single-family homes. Accumulating valuable experience, Gerrit advanced his career in real estate by working closely with clients to help them achieve their property ownership dreams.

Known for his strong work ethic, punctuality, and unwavering character, Gerrit specializes in Residential and Commercial real estate, with a specific focus on South Florida, particularly Miami. Leveraging his knowledge and professionalism, Gerrit firmly believes he is the ideal choice to assist clients with their real estate needs.

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