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Janelle Meneses has recently joined The Agency, bringing a unique blend of legal acumen, linguistic versatility, and a deep passion for real estate. Based in the Bal Harbour office, she caters to the luxurious stretch from Palm Beach down to Miami, offering a distinctive skill set honed through academic excellence and legal internships. Despite being relatively new to the real estate scene, her prior experience at a Boca Raton real estate law firm, focusing on multi-million dollar transactions, joint ventures, and complex loan agreements, sets her apart. Currently interning at Hinshaw Culberston in Miami, Janelle is on the commercial transactions team, working alongside renowned real estate lawyers in the nation.

Janelle aims to carve her niche in luxury real estate, with a focus on properties ranging from developments to condominiums. Her academic achievements extend beyond real estate, as she held significant leadership roles in law school, earning recognition as the President of the Association of Business Law Students and the Founder and President of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Organization. Janelle's enthusiasm for real estate stems from the joy of connecting with people and helping them find their dream homes. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she leverages her linguistic abilities to communicate effectively in the diverse South Florida region. Known for her discipline, cultivated through years of practicing yoga, Janelle remains calm and composed during negotiations. Her legal background adds another layer to her real estate expertise, allowing her to thoroughly explain transaction steps to clients and provide comprehensive protection.

Beyond her bustling real estate career, Janelle finds solace in practicing yoga and meditation daily. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle extends to regular pilates sessions and exploring new culinary delights. Furthermore, she engages in charitable activities, volunteering at the Tri-county Animal Rescue and contributing animal supplies. Janelle Meneses embodies the future of South Florida real estate, blending legal expertise, linguistic finesse, and a genuine passion for helping clients find their perfect homes. As she continues to thrive in her career, she remains dedicated to personal growth, community involvement, and the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.

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