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Jon Gednalske serves the Los Angeles markets, with a focus on the Manhattan Beach and the South Bay areas, bringing local connections and clear-headed client relations to the JW Group. The South Bay has been Jon’s home for the last seven years; his area knowledge includes connections and relationships with developers, business owners, medical professionals, music artists, financial advisors, local athletes, and more. Jon combines an in-depth knowledge of Los Angeles neighborhoods and with the relationships he has developed over the years, there is a clear pathway to help clients find a solution to whatever they need.
Before joining The Agency, Jon worked in orthopedic trauma medical sales as one of the top reps in Los Angeles / California for five years. Consistent success in sales is nothing new to Jon, and his familiarity with client relations, building a business, and the ability to wear multiple hats, all translate well into real estate. “I've always loved the art world and had a creative side to me, so the architecture and design of homes throughout California have always been intriguing,” says Jon. “I had the opportunity to meet (my real estate partner) Jamie Waryck a few years ago, and I had so much respect for how she conducted herself and her business—so when I had the chance to team up with her, it was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made.”
Building relationships with clients and industry professionals daily is what makes real estate special for Jon. He enjoys that his job allows him to both see some of the most spectacular houses in the world and assist friends and clients with a major life moment: finding their dream home, workspace, or property investment. Jon prides himself on his ability to stay calm under pressure. ”We often find ourselves in stressful, emotional, and incredibly important moments with clients, so the ability to come through and deliver steadfast service is vital.”
Describing himself as a Midwest kid at heart, Jon grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and graduated from Luther College with a major in political science and a minor in business, while also earning First Team - All-Region and All-American selection pool honors in soccer. His golden retriever, Oakley, gets the majority of his time and affection. He loves to spend time with his electric friend group surfing, golfing, hanging at the beach, and enjoying the best bars and restaurants in Manhattan Beach.

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