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Lisa Stines is a highly experienced real estate professional with over 25 years of successful work in the Atlanta area. Her career is characterized by qualities such as integrity, energy, creative service, and hard work. She's a versatile agent, representing a wide range of clients, including sellers, buyers, and investors in both residential and commercial real estate markets. Lisa's deep knowledge of the real estate market in Atlanta is a key differentiator, and her ability to proactively address details before they become issues sets her apart. She's also well-versed in investment portfolio management and has benefited from sales training and inspiration from industry experts. Lisa's dedication to building strong client relationships, her understanding of international markets, and her commitment to putting client needs first have led to a loyal client base and numerous referrals. Her global perspective and ability to connect clients with international opportunities make her a valuable asset in the real estate arena.

Her team collaborates closely with clients to align with their specific needs and timelines, emphasizing clear and consistent communication as the linchpin in every transaction. The proof of her exceptional service is evident in the loyal following of repeat clients and referrals that continue to place their trust in Lisa and her team of seasoned professionals. Lisa Stines emerges as the expert who can bridge your aspirations with opportunities across the globe in the real estate landscape.

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