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Maria Luisa Saenz, originally hailing from Chihuahua, Mexico, is a purpose-driven traveler. Her captivating journey has led her through various cities and continents, but it’s in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, that she has found her true happiness.

In 2006, Maria embarked on a significant move, leaving her Industrial Accounting position in Chihuahua to settle in Mexico City. Here, she took on a role within the federal government, working for the Secretary of Education. Her idealistic nature led her to this position, driven by the hope that she could make a positive impact within the government, serving as a bridge between the people and government officials.

During her time in Mexico City, Maria began visiting Los Cabos to connect with friends and family. In 2012, she decided to invest in this captivating destination by purchasing a condo for rental purposes. Over the course of two years, as she rented out her condo and increasingly explored the area, Maria felt an undeniable pull to make the jump and relocate to Baja.

For Maria, the decision to move to Baja was a natural progression. The region offered everything she could ever want or need. Its nearly perfect weather, cosmopolitan charm with a small-town atmosphere, proximity to nature, and the opportunity to continue her family’s real estate business all made Los Cabos the perfect place for her.

Since 2014, Maria has been deeply involved in the real estate industry. This transition allowed her to focus on what truly matters to her: providing her clients with personalized attention, extensive knowledge, dedicated time and effort, valuable contacts, and the necessary tools to fulfill their real estate goals.

In 2019, Maria took another significant step in her journey by enrolling in the Master of Real Estate Development program accredited by the AMPI (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals). This commitment to furthering her knowledge and skills demonstrates her dedication to personal and professional growth.

In her free time, Maria embraces a healthy and active lifestyle. She enjoys practicing yoga, taking refreshing swims in the ocean, and exploring the trails of the Bike park San Jose on her mountain bike. Maria’s love for the outdoors and her commitment to well-being are apparent in her everyday life.

One noteworthy achievement in Maria’s journey was her feature on HGTV’s “Mexico Life” in 2016. The show highlighted her client’s experience of searching for and purchasing a home in Cabo San Lucas. This opportunity allowed her to share the beauty of Baja with clients and friends, witnessing their awe and wonder as they discovered the region for the first time. Maria’s passion lies in helping others make this breathtaking place a part of their lives through real estate.

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