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Part of The Agency Oakville, Mark Recile is an exceptional real estate salesperson who possesses a wealth of wide-ranging industry knowledge. With over 10 years of personal investment experience in residential condominiums and detached homes, he brings a deep understanding of the market and a keen eye for profitable opportunities.

Mark has been a Milton and Mississauga resident for nearly two decades; he specializes in residential properties throughout the Halton region as well as Kitchener and Waterloo. From first-time buyers to seasoned investors and sellers, Mark's expertise, professionalism and multifaceted background make him the ideal real estate resource and guide. With his strong negotiation skills, unwavering integrity and passion for helping others achieve their goals, Mark is committed to providing an exceptional and tailored experience for every client he serves.

“I know firsthand how nerve-wracking the buying, selling or investing process can be, and it’s my mission to make the whole experience seamless, pain-free and enjoyable!” says Mark, whose first foray into real estate was a sprawling ranch property in one of the U.S.’s most scenic mountain settings. “Once I made that initial purchase, I was hooked and never looked back. A smart real estate investment or sale can open so many doors for individuals and families. I love supporting my clients in reaching—and hopefully surpassing—their personal real estate goals.”

In addition to his extensive real estate background, Mark holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, which gives him a unique analytical perspective when it comes to evaluating property values and market trends. Mark’s expertise reaches beyond real estate, as he possesses certifications in project management, scrum master and quality assurance. These skills ensure that Mark approaches every transaction with meticulous attention to detail, providing his clients a seamless and efficient experience.

Mark is constantly striving to expand his horizons, actively learning Spanish, Mandarin and Hindi. His commitment to multicultural communication allows him to connect with a diverse range of clients and understand their specific needs and preferences. By fostering effective cross-cultural relationships, Mark ensures that he can cater to a broad clientele and deliver personalized solutions that exceed expectations.

Above all, Mark cherishes spending time with his loving wife and two children. Balancing a successful career and personal life, he understands the importance of nurturing relationships and creating a warm and supportive home environment. Mark's dedication to his family mirrors his commitment to his clients—ensuring that they feel valued, understood and cared for throughout their real estate journey.

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