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Have you met Maurice? If not, there's a thing or two you should know about the kind of broker he is, and it's not just stats and laurels. He could easily boast about his 10 years in NYC brokering home happiness to the tune of 175 million in sales, but he doesn’t believe a score card is the sole reason people want him on their team. The broker you hire becomes the voice of your home, so a better term to describe that role would be real estate matchmaker – and Maurice’s record speaks for itself when it comes to happy homeowners.

Despite coming from a family of real estate professionals (both mom and dad are brokers), he didn't get into this business because he's fond of schmoozing – he doesn't even like the word 'selling'. Maurice loves what he does because it's about communication and empathy.

He likes to absorb what his client truly loves about their home – the entire emotional architecture that makes a space unique – and relay this to every person that walks through the door, because the best offers come when someone forms an emotional connection with the space. For a buyer, he reverse-engineers this and puts on the person’s shoes so he can truly understand what they want. Chances are, he’ll know where to find it and definitely how to lock it down. He’s won many a bidding war for his buyers even though they were not the highest offer on the table.

Maurice knows people have about a 3 paragraph limit when it comes to copy, and he loves a list, so here’s one about him:

• Moved from south Florida to NYC to study film at NYU

• Built his house in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter, and two pups (Quincy and Dr. Beverly Crusher)

• Obsessed with home renovation – will talk for hours if you get him started

• Doesn't wear suits, unless you consider a matching set of sweats a suit (he does)

• A tough one but his favorite movie of all time? The film school answer is 2001, but the real answer is probably Clue


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