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Mehdi Maamri brings his expertise and passion for luxury real estate to The Agency Beverly Hills. A Parisian native, Mehdi has a strong desire to make a positive impact and aims to provide top-notch service to clients in Los Angeles and beyond. After studying law at the University of Poitiers in France, Mehdi set his sights on achieving bigger and better things in life. He had a deep admiration for US culture and lifestyle, which led him to move to the USA in 2015. In 2017, Mehdi founded his company, Ska Luxury, to pursue his passion for luxury real estate in North America. Through his experiences in the luxury service industry, Mehdi gained valuable knowledge and grew as a businessman. He was exposed to the luxury offerings of rental agents, which inspired him to make a lasting impression on top athletes, soccer players, and other celebrities in Los Angeles. With his background in law, experience in the luxury service industry, and international network, Mehdi is well-equipped to navigate the high-end real estate market and deliver exceptional results for his clients. Outside of work, Medhi’s passions include traveling, music, and sports, especially soccer, which he played in France.

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