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With over 20 years of experience, Nick specializes in the Los Angeles market, catering to discerning clients in the luxury real estate space. Since joining The Agency, Beverly Hills in 2017, he has established himself as a trusted advisor, leveraging his extensive knowledge in development and construction to provide valuable insights to his clients.

Nick finds joy in helping people fulfill their aspirations of finding their dream homes. He thrives on the challenges of the ever-evolving market and prides himself on staying ahead of the latest trends and developments. His deep understanding of LA, coupled with his specialized knowledge in development and construction, allows him to provide his clients with a competitive edge.

Originally from New York, Nick's diverse background has contributed to his success in the real estate industry. Having attended school in Virginia and being involved in tech startups in the past, he brings a unique perspective to his clients. Nicks's own journey in real estate began when he built his house in San Francisco, further solidifying his passion and commitment to the industry. Since then, he has honed his skills and knowledge, establishing himself as a trusted advisor and partner to his clients in the luxury real estate market.

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