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What is a possibilitarian?
Long answer: A person capable of making it happen! Someone who embraces the idea that there are always possibilities and potential solutions at any given moment.
Short answer: Patricia Cammarano

It’s January 2020 and Covid has the world standing still. Patricia who was just 20 years old, a long time competitive multi-sport athlete, and college student at Long Island University was itching to do more! A time where people saw great obstacles, she saw great opportunity. With a family business herself and seeing local businesses struggling to make ends meet Patricia saw the need and supplied the solution. She put her social media expertise, marketing skills and creative knack to the test. She bought herself a Sony camera, built a brand and offered local businesses promotional videos to gain more social media presence and spread community awareness in hopes of bringing in new business. After days of rejection, weeks of courage, months of door knocking and years of dedication, it was more than possible! Patricia found herself taking this Covid creative outlet and turning it into a full time social media marketing agency.

She began producing videos and managing social media accounts for luxury real estate agents, restaurants on Long Island and NYC, retail and wholesale stores, great bakeries and beautiful boutiques! Patricia found the greatest passion when saw the ins and outs of your classic neighborhood staple to a one of a kind multi million dollar home!

Through her lens she saw far past the beautiful landscapes, outstanding square footage or unique interior design. She saw the height marks that built up the walls as the kids grew older, the warm kitchens and dinner tables with extra seats or the family dog taking a nap in its forever favorite spot. She saw the boxes of memories and faces of the next chapters. She saw the importance of these properties, the history they hold and all the work that went into the process. This allowed her to grow her skills in relationship building, marketing, consumer behavior, business strategy, networking, collaboration and strengthen her hustle and tenacity.

By blending her creative marketing technique, impressive network, and unwavering dedication to her goals, becoming an expert real estate agent at “The Agency” in Huntington, NY seemed like her next perfect possibility!

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