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A Texas native, Peyton was raised in California where he attended San Jose State University. A stand-out football athlete, he reached the highest levels of his sport, joining the NFL, where he performed for six years.
During his time as a professional athlete, Peyton spent most of his off seasons supporting local communities and inspiring young people through motivational speaking engagements. In addition, always aware that there’s life after football, he had the foresight to reach out and arrange to shadow business professionals and learn from their day-to-day activities and their experiences.

Often regarded by peers as a methodical worker that looks at every challenge with a strategic lens, Peyton is also known as a versatile professional whose skill set extends far beyond his accomplishments on the football field. A leader with values built on accountability, communication, attention to detail and quick decision-making under pressure, Peyton realized that building relationships and networking with like-minded people was more of a passion than a tool. Thus, he parlayed this understanding to create a powerful web of consistently nurtured contacts that would eventually serve his career well.
After settling in Austin, Peyton saw the demographic and economic changes taking place in Central Texas and anticipated the opportunity in real estate that these dynamic conditions foretold. His decision to enter the industry as a luxury realtor has been proven wise and he has made a name for himself as a visionary professional in the space.
One of Peyton’s business interests is the development of luxury projects in Austin. His experience as an investor and as Director of Sales and Client Relations, has given him an insider’s view of the intricacies and details involved in the real estate development process. This expertise has enhanced his knowledge and given him additional insight that he puts to good use in service to his clients.
Consistent with Peyton’s desire to give back to the community, and putting his extensive network of investors, business professionals, and active and retired athletes to work, he has harnessed the collective strength of these influentials to co-create a foundation called Player’s Reach. Like many of the programs professional sports organizations host in their home city, Player’s Reach offers Austin's youth the opportunity to participate in events that promote team building, education, and life skills. His commitment to changing Austin for the better and giving back to the community is just one of the many reasons Peyton stands out, not only as a great real estate professional, but as a citizen as well.

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