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RaNita combines a level of sophistication with Southern Utah hospitality that is highly respected within the real estate industry. Her clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise she possesses, based on years of successfully turning potentially stressful processes into pleasant and rewarding experiences.

RaNita is smart and deliberate in her work ethic, traits that allow her to navigate the complex world of buying and selling real estate.  She is well-versed in the rules and regulations governing the real estate environment, assuring a thorough and smooth transaction from start to finish.  RaNita is a strategic, effective problem solver and negotiator who will do what it takes to provide the best experience for her clients.

At a young age, RaNita took an interest in spatial relationships and environment. She enjoyed sketching floor plans, as well as staging and organizing her family’s home with dreams of becoming an architect someday. This creativity led to a successful consulting career in the architecture and design fields coupled with account management, consulting, and marketing for several large corporations and Fortune 500 companies.

RaNita believes our environments affect our sense of well-being and impact human behavior.  She utilizes her knowledge as a master Feng Shui practitioner to further provide balance and harmony for her clients.  She listens and observes how her clients move through a space, learning about their needs and desires in the process.

RaNita’s diverse background allows her to offer a global as well as local perspective to her work.  She balances her life in St. George between family, work, and personal interests, including her passion for travel and new experiences.  Her life experiences include a study of the influence of architecture in different global regions, an indepth study of more than eight world religions.  RaNita also qualified and competed in a World Championship sailboat race in Fiji in 1986.

RaNita believes that we should never underestimate the power and reach of our compassion towards others. She has served her community is several volunteer capacities.

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