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Rodrigo was born in Guadalajara to a mother and father with wanderlust. As a result, he spent his early childhood traveling back and forth between Guadalajara, Los Cabos, Chapala, Queretaro, and Sonoma, California. He can pack a suitcase in 15 minutes and get on a plane to the next destination at the drop of a hat.

He spent an idyllic childhood in Los Cabos going to the beach, building bonfires with friends, camping…what else could any kid ask for? And blessed with the opportunity to attend bilingual schools since kindergarten, Rodrigo developed solid English speaking and writing skills, making friends in English and Spanish wherever he found himself.

While attending university in Queretaro, studying international commerce, he decided to return home to where his heart was, Los Cabos, Baja Sur. Being the son of an architect father and a designer mother, he jumped right into the family business of concept design, construction, and decorating luxury homes while developing a strong taste for great design complete with impeccable finishes and aesthetics. This well-rounded, hands-on exposure helped him realize that the one thing missing in this scenario was the family real estate agent selling beautiful homesites and luxury residences. Enter The Agency Todos Santos.

Moving to Todos Santos was a no-brainer. Amazing surfing, a multitude of unique restaurants, sunsets to die for, the multi-cultural mix of people, as well as a thriving real estate market. Surprise, surprise, he fit right in.

Salud Rodrigo, when not on-site at the Agency Todos Santos, you can find him at the beach, walking his feisty puppy Balder, enjoying a delicious cone of Baja Tasty (toasted coconut, of course) or helping out at Cuatro Santos, his mother’s fabulous interior design store across the street from The Agency Todos Santos’ office. Look for the guy behind the mezcal counter offering tastings of their unique, proprietary blend.

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