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Sarah Guarino, an integral part of The Agency’s dynamic team, brings a wealth of sales experience and a relentless passion for real estate. Currently serving as the Executive Real Estate Assistant for the esteemed Cary Tamura alongside being a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. Sarah thrives in the fast-paced world of high-end real estate, where attention to detail and dedication are paramount.

Sarah’s journey in real estate began with a pivotal role on the sales team at Luxury Presence, a leading Real Estate SaaS company in the United States. In this capacity, Sarah honed her skills making thousands of cold calls to residential real estate agents across the nation, delivering top-tier service to empower realtors in expanding their brands and businesses. This experience instilled in Sarah the values of tenacity, passion, care, and kindness, traits that continue to define her professional approach.

Prior to Sarah’s tenure at Luxury Presence, she contributed to the success of Pareto, a Sales Performance Consulting Company in New York City. As a Sales Development Recruiter and integral member of the sales team, she played a pivotal role in advising sales leaders on building high-performing tech sales teams. Additionally, she provided guidance and coaching to candidates, ensuring their success throughout the interview process as they embarked on rewarding careers in sales. Her responsibilities extended to managing full interview processes, a testament to her commitment to fostering excellence at every stage.

Beyond the professional sphere, Sarah is a dedicated long-distance runner, having triumphed in the challenging Brooklyn Marathon in 2022. Her commitment to pushing boundaries extends to her upcoming plans of conquering two more marathons in 2024.

Combining a robust professional sales background with a genuine passion for real estate and a commitment to personal growth, she is dedicated to providing unparalleled support to Cary Tamura and The Agency. As an executive real estate assistant and real estate professional, she is poised to contribute to the continued success and growth of our esteemed clientele.

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