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Sean Warren a dedicated Real Estate Agent specializing in the vibrant city of Victoria, BC. Born and raised in the picturesque Cordova Bay neighbourhood, Sean has an intimate connection with the area and a deep appreciation for its natural beauty. As a child, he explored the streets on his bike, basked in the sun on the local beaches, and ventured into the surrounding woods, forming a strong bond with the community.

Coming from a family of Realtors, Sean's passion for real estate was ingrained in him from an early age. His upbringing exposed him to the intricacies of the industry, providing him with a solid foundation for his own successful career. Over the years, Sean has bought and sold several homes of his own, gaining invaluable firsthand experience that he now brings to his clients.

With a genuine enthusiasm for serving others, Sean is excited to cater to clients across a wide range of properties, ensuring that every individual's real estate needs are met. He takes pride in forging deep connections with his clients, going beyond surface-level interactions to truly understand their desires and requirements. This empathetic approach allows him to provide tailored solutions and find the perfect match for each client.

Sean is a seasoned negotiator, adept at navigating complex contracts with finesse and ensuring his client's best interests are always protected. His extensive experience in automotive sales and ownership of Warren Auto Brokers has honed his negotiation skills, as he has successfully arranged, appraised, and sold over 12,000 deals. Now, he leverages this wealth of expertise to the advantage of his real estate clients, providing them with an unparalleled level of service.

Outside of his professional life, Sean cherishes his role as a father to three children and a lovable French bulldog named Edward. In his free time, he relishes exploring Victoria and its surroundings with his kids, introducing them to the city's hidden gems. Sean maintains an active lifestyle, frequently hitting the gym to stay fit, conquering the trails of Mt. Doug, and indulging in skiing adventures at Mount Washington.

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