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Born and raised in Ottawa, I’ve had the opportunity to live and experience various neighbourhoods throughout this great City, from East to West, South and Central. As a long-time local and now licensed Realtor, I have my fingers on the pulse of this “little big city” (or is it “big little city”?) and possess a deep level of knowledge and insight into Ottawa’s various communities and outskirts.

When it comes to my real estate practice, my personal philosophy has always been to seek to add as much value as possible to those around me and the pillars of my business are authenticity, integrity, professionalism, generosity and expertise. I firmly believe that a sharp, singular focus on helping others achieve great results allows for new business opportunities, financial rewards and job satisfaction to take care of themselves. Over the years I’ve consistently ranked among the top Realtors in Ottawa and Ontario, however, I’m most proud that I’ve done so almost entirely through word-of-mouth and an exceptionally high rate of repeat business and referrals from past clients. You’ll never see my face on the side of a bus, trash can or bike rack, but my hope is that you’ll one day hear about a great experience that someone you know and trust had using my services.

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