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Hello there! I'm Sonia Egnot, your dedicated real estate professional with a unique blend of Italian charm and American expertise. Married with two sons, family is the heartbeat of my life. Born in Italy, my journey to the United States at the age of 8 has shaped my unique perspective in the real estate realm.

Real estate isn't just a career for me; it's a passion deeply rooted in my family's legacy. Back in Italy, my family owned a thriving brokerage firm, and witnessing its growth was nothing short of magical. Even as an 8-year-old, I knew that one day, I would follow in their footsteps and become a realtor here in the States.

I am not only a realtor but a multifaceted professional with a love for various ventures. Alongside my real estate endeavors, I own a boutique that caters to unique tastes, indulge my entrepreneurial spirit by selling beauty counter products, and showcase my creativity through interior design. In my free time, I find joy in substitute teaching, especially when surrounded by the infectious energy of children—my heart is fullest in those moments.

My work ethic is driven by a genuine passion for what I do. Whether helping clients find their dream homes or curating the perfect interior space, I bring dedication, enthusiasm, and a touch of Italian flair to everything I undertake. I believe in creating lasting relationships with my clients, built on trust, transparency, and the shared excitement of achieving real estate goals.

Away from work, you'll find me indulging in my love for chocolate and soaking up the sunshine. Life is a journey, and I am committed to guiding my clients through the exciting adventure of buying or selling their homes. With a warm smile, a strong work ethic, and a heart full of passion, I am here to turn your real estate dreams into reality. Let's embark on this journey together!

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