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Spencer was born and raised in Arcadia, California, and currently lives in the beautiful Madison Heights neighborhood located in Pasadena with his wife Heather and two sons. Spencer’s parents ran a successful restaurant in the nearby Sierra Madre, which is where Spencer first learned about the importance of customer service and attention to detail. Spencer then took those skills and went to work for a company named Green Cuisine in the wholesale food industry, where he was responsible for overseeing 100-plus employees and daily production of over 30,000 salads and sandwiches for a nationwide grocery chain. During his 15 years with the company, he gained many intangible skills including leadership, problem recognition and problem-solving, negotiation, attention to detail, and proficiency in managing others. In 2019 Green Cuisine was sold to private equity in a deal that was primarily negotiated by Spencer.

Spencer enjoys an active lifestyle, running and tennis are two of his passions. He is a volunteer of the Pasadena Southwest Little League, coaching teams for both of his sons. In 2012 Spencer started to invest in commercial real estate properties, which is where his interest in real estate began. Spencer also has a passion for food and loves to cook and create for his family and friends.

In 2023 Spencer decided to pursue a career in the residential real estate industry, teaming up with his wife who has been a successful agent for over 14 years. Spencer is excited to apply the skills he has learned from his past experiences to this new venture.

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