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Tatiana Batmanian is a highly skilled professional, excelling in the realms of real estate and interior design. Based in Los Angeles, Tatiana brings her extensive expertise and passion to cater to the diverse needs of her valued clients.

In 2011, Tatiana embarked on a flourishing career in interior design. She honed her craft by collaborating with developers on flip projects, immersing herself in the intricate details of homes and cultivating strong connections with contractors and vendors. This invaluable experience nurtured her talent for transforming spaces into captivating havens.

In 2017, Tatiana's deep-seated desire to assist clients earlier in their journey led her to broaden her horizons. Today, she seamlessly guides clients through the process of buying, selling, and curating their ideal living spaces. Tatiana's remarkable ability to swiftly and smoothly finalize transactions underscores her commitment to delivering exceptional results, empowering her clients to embrace the future they've always envisioned.

Alongside her professional pursuits, Tatiana is devoted to maintaining her fitness and wellness routine. Dedication to her physical well-being has not only nurtured her personal growth but also fueled her unwavering drive for excellence in her career. Tatiana also cherishes her relationships with family and friends, valuing quality time whenever possible.

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