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Managing Partner of The Agency Panama, Victoria (Vicky) Levitam has been an integral part of the high-end property market in Panama City, collaborating closely with top developers for over 18 years. A dedicated professional with a sterling reputation, Vicky has managed and led highly successful sales teams, resulting in $480M in sales.

Known for her enduring world-class client service, beyond-the-transaction support, and vast network of thoughtfully cultivated relationships, Vicky is among Panama’s most dynamic and top-rated real estate professionals.

“My passion for real estate surpasses the profession, it's intrinsic to me,” says Vicky. “I take delight in nurturing connections, aiding others, and masterminding property matches that craft treasured memories.”

Energized by genuine human connection, Vicky prioritizes personalized service, categorizing client meetings as the most valuable parts of her day.

“The relationships I have personally nurtured through the years are truthfully my greatest achievement,” notes Vicky. “My goal is to achieve my clients’ objectives and open the door to new possibilities, providing them with the incredible lifestyle they deserve.”

Having worked closely with Panama’s most prominent developers, Vicky has profound insight into the industry's evolution. Vicky’s unparalleled expertise makes her an invaluable guide for clients seeking an optimal investment. "My dedication to real estate extends beyond a career choice – it's a fundamental aspect of my identity," Vicky explains. "I derive great satisfaction from cultivating relationships, offering assistance, and orchestrating property matches that result in lasting memories. With my extensive industry knowledge and proven track record, I act as a discerning filter for my clients. I present opportunities that are not only aligned with their needs but also backed by my experience in the field, ensuring optimal results."

Before launching her real estate career, Vicky achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Panama’s Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencias y Tecnologías (ULACIT).

When she isn’t serving clients or researching the latest market trends, Vicky can be found seeking out new restaurants, practicing Pilates, weight training, and martial arts, which she has been dedicated to for more than 22 years. “It is more than just a hobby to me,” explains Vicky, who has achieved a second-degree black belt. “Martial arts is a way of life. It instills discipline, flexibility, energy management, and heightened body language awareness. I would recommend it to anyone interested in challenging themselves.” Victoria also sits on the board of directors of FCC Panama, a social company that works on the socio-emotional education of boys, girls, and young people using football as a pedagogical tool.

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