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Zachary Brown is a real estate professional who has overseen various transactions in Queens; primarily in Astoria and Jackson Heights. He listens carefully to the needs of his clients to ensure they are happy with the decision made on the purchase of their new home and prides himself on being someone they carefully trust with their decision-making.

Before changing careers, Zachary was an accomplished professional in the hospitality Industry. He managed staff and came up with creative ways to provide experiences that helped create a proper connection and have guests wanting to come back. The hospitality industry was a great source of building skills such as multitasking, creative and critical thinking on the fly, and maintaining composure to provide a memorable experience to his guests. All of these skills were transferrable and useful in his real estate career as well; helping him to successfully close contracts no matter what unexpected bumps he and his client hit along the way.

Zachary majored in Criminal Justice at a Community College in Reading, Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Astoria where he enjoys staying active by playing softball, cycling around the city, and playing flag football in social leagues after spending a few years playing semi-professional football in Brooklyn. In addition to being athletic, Zachary’s favorite subject to discuss and learn about is astronomy. He is highly spirited, benevolent, and loves to make people laugh. His favorite phrase that he uses to get his clients excited about purchasing a new home and making a deal happen is the acronym G.P.S.; "Grabbing the attention, Painting the picture, and Setting the sale".

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