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Zachary Gillespie's deep-rooted passion for people and their well-being led him to the dynamic world of real estate. He has gained a reputation for his effective negotiation skills, extensive knowledge of the NYC market, and uncanny ability to match his clients with their desired homes. What sets Zach apart from others is his profound understanding and care for his clients, making them feel seen, heard, and valued. With a panoramic perspective, Zach's 'big picture' focus allows his clients to envisage possibilities beyond their imagination, unlocking the doors to their dream homes.

Before embarking on his real estate journey, Zach worked as a flight attendant for a renowned airline. This experience enabled him to travel the world and encounter people from diverse cultures, thereby providing him with a strong foundation for effective communication and empathy for people. In addition to this, Zach possesses a discerning eye for interior design, which fuels his passion for helping clients create special spaces in their homes.

Zach is a resident of Hell's Kitchen, where he shares a beautiful life with his partner. His love for travel takes him on exciting adventures worldwide, where he immerses himself in various cultures, learning about people and their way of life. Zach is also an ardent foodie who frequents different restaurants in the city and attends music festivals, all while spending quality time with his friends. The vibrant community of NYC inspires Zachary in his career, propelling him to help his clients achieve their homeownership goals.

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