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Chana Gedy

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Chana Gedy
North Hollywood, CA
Residential Real Estate Agent

Chana Gedy has excelled and thrived in the real estate world for the last 15 years and is now bringing her expertise, reputation, and connections to her own brokerage of Chana Gedy Real Estate. Gedy cut her teeth in arguably the toughest real estate market in the United States, New York City. Gedy moved to NYC from her home of Jerusalem at the age of 20 and quickly proved herself in the male dominated industry, earning respect from colleagues and results for clients through hard work and tough negotiations.

​Gedy soon expanded her reach to Los Angeles and the west coast, specializing in high profile clients who require individualized and in depth attention. Gedy founded Chana Gedy Real Estate in 2020 and has since brought that boutique style service to clients on both coasts.

Colleagues and clients describe Gedy as a self starter with an ability to multitask while maintaining top quality. Gedy focuses on what matters most to each client, whether it’s finding a home with the perfect kitchen suited for a chef, or tracking down a property that fits environmental requirements for green living. Gedy listens to what each client wants and then sets about delivering that dream.

As a woman who has moved across the world and across the country several times, Gedy knows the importance of having a realtor who helps clients find their home in a new city or area. Many have described working with Gedy as a “comprehensive and holistic” real estate experience.

Gedy specializes in CMA (comparative market analysis) and is exceptionally skilled at pricing a property to sell. She will go out of her way to make sure your property is ready for sale and will always be present to show the home to prospective buyers, because availability, responsiveness, and promptness is paramount in today’s market.

For those looking to lease Gedy knows how to successfully screen tenants and find the best possible matches for high-end properties. She has thorough experience with negotiating prices, move-in dates, and all aspects of a lease. Gedy will leave no stone unturned and will think outside the box in order to get the best deal done.

For clients with multiple properties Gedy offers estate management to make sure each investment is well taken care of, used best, and not only retains but builds value. These services include routine maintenance, landscaping, bill and property tax management among other services.

From establishing her reputation in NYC, to founding her own brokerage in LA, and empowering clients across the country, Gedy is committed to providing the most personalized real estate services in the market. She is thrilled to continue to do so through Chana Gedy Real Estate and to empower every client to build the life, portfolio, and home of their dreams.

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