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Christian Harris

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Sea-Town Real Estate
Seattle, WA
Residential Real Estate Agent

For Christian Harris, the founder and owner of Sea-Town Real Estate in West Seattle, serving and making an impact for his community is his goal... he just happens to do this through the vehicle of real estate. Sea-Town Real Estate has even built this ethos into their business model, by regularly partnering with local non-profits and donating a portion of their sales proceeds to local non-profits of their client's choice. Christian also created and hosts The Sea-Town Podcast, where he interviews local business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders to help provide a platform for local businesses and non-profits tell share their stories with their current and future customers, clients and donors.

Christian started the tech-enabled indie Real Estate Firm, Sea-Town Real Estate at the beginning of 2017. Christian got into real estate to make a difference and serve people. After years of frustration from the resistance and push back he received from his peers for trying to develop and apply new ideas and ways to better serve his clients. With his experience being that not many around him were willing to embrace change, technology or much else to bring the real estate experience into the digital modern era... Christian decided set off on his own journey to provide a better experience for both his clients and other like-minded agents. Through utilizing technology, systems, proactive communication and his community connections, he has been able establish a brokerage brand that can consistently provide that modern high-quality client experience that sophisticated Real Estate buyers and sellers want and expect in a tech-hub like Seattle.