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Gal Hirsch

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Chestnut Park Real Estate Brokerage
Toronto, ON
Residential Real Estate Agent

My clients would say that I bring a refreshing but tailored approach to your buying and selling experience! My experience transcends the conventional real estate experience - thanks to my background in marketing, design, operations, client and event management, I'm able to offer my clients a unique skill set that ensures a seamless experience and pride myself in providing value that extends beyond the purchase or sale of a home. Whether it's recommending a trade or helping you select design finishes that will add the utmost value to your property - I'm always happy to help.

My goal when working with you is to build a genuine connection by being open and honest, even when it's not always what you want to hear. I strongly believe that getting to know you on a personal level is the key to success in providing a strategy that is not only tailored to your needs but also ensures the best results possible. Once I get to know you and your goals, I can help point out the positives and negatives of a property and how they would affect your lifestyle - rather than mimicking your reaction to the property.

After all, my aim is to be a trusted advisor, providing the data and context to help you make the best possible real estate decisions. I pride myself in consistently educating myself to know exactly what's going on in terms of trends, pressures and opportunities and I use this knowledge to develop a strong bargaining position so you achieve the best possible results at the negotiating table. In the midst of selling or buying your largest financial asset, I know from personal experience how overwhelming the process can be.

After buying and selling multiple of my own properties, I wish I had someone to be my voice of reason and keep me feeling positive throughout the process. This is a huge reason why I operate the way I do. Those who have worked with me describe me as being extremely positive and caring, detail-oriented, creative and tenacious - and are continuously impressed by my dedication, prompt attention to their needs, compassionate approach and unparalleled market knowledge.

For me, this is about helping guide and educate people through one of the largest decisions in their lifetime - I believe that’s what sets me apart in this fast-paced real estate scene. I’ve built a repeat and referral-only business, and I value the lasting connections I’ve made with all of my clients. They’re so much more than clients to me….many have become lifelong friends.