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Joshua Meeks

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PNW Real Estate at Keller Williams
Puyallup, WA
Residential Real Estate Agent

I grew up in dire poverty. Like dirt poor. My dad was always trying to live the investor life but seemed to often fall short and as a result, as the youngest of 5, our family struggled to get by. At the age of 5 I was living in a half-burnt mobile home my dad bought for $500. He even calculated the canned food left in the cupboards as a discount that brought his actual cost to about $450. No running water. No heat source. No plumbing. We washed dishes in the creek, went to the restroom in a port a potty and took turns emptying it into a pit in the middle of an 8-acre parcel. My dad had worked out a deal to buy the property on payments from the seller. We used a solar shower in the summer to bathe and snuck into Eastern Kentucky University on the colder days to use their facilities, since my mom had access as a student. As I grew older and realized our situation wasn’t normal I always wondered why we couldn’t have a regular house like the other kids. Even if we were renting, it was just the idea of having a place to come home to that did not feel like a 3rd world country. We lived there for years and after my parents split up and I spent time living at my moms’ boyfriends and my aunts I eventually lived at a myriad of other unconventional places with my dad. A campground, a semi-furnished barn, a friends house, etc. Each circumstance taught me life lessons about relationships, hardships and finances and stirred me to serve and help others in similar situations. This upbringing developed an inward curiousity and passion about homeownership and entrepreneurship. After spending 10+ years in construction, I eventually went back to school to earn a business degree & transitioned to a career in real estate.
Why do some people live years without ever being a homeowner? Is it a lack of resources, a lack of help, a lack of education, their disposition in life, or a combination of things? Whatever the reason, I committed years ago to make sure homeownership could be a reality for as many people as possible. Today I am an investor, a realtor, and an entrepreneur. I own a fast-growing, top-producing real estate team called PNW Real Estate at a Keller Williams and when I’m not working, I enjoy serving. I’m also a dad, a husband and a Christian. My mission is to serve people as Christ has served the world and investing into people and homeownership is one small way I get to do that. If you want to know more about us, find us on Facebook Instagram, Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, Twitter or at thepnwteam.com