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Lukasz Kukwa

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Lukasz Kukwa Real Estate
Westfield, NJ
Residential Real Estate Agent

Inspired to develop relationships beyond a real estate transaction. My service, mindset, and approach are centered around educating sellers & buyers about the many pitfalls, misconceptions, & beliefs that exist within the process of purchasing and/or selling a home.

As consumers, I find that many buyers & sellers approach the homeownership process from a pre-determined perspective of what it should be, without truly understanding the facts or what they are trying to truly accomplish. Helping clients navigate this process, as well as the emotions that come with it, results in helping them see a clearer vision and formulating an approach that will allow them to be more effective in their decision-making and guides them toward maximizing & achieving their desired outcomes.

First-hand experience in purchasing and investing in real estate also allows me to best advise them in determining the quality of a home, any potential issues in value due to the age and wear & tear, and how to effectively address them for long-term ownership or maximum resale value.

My work and knowledge have been featured in multiple online publications, including Forbes, Realtor.com, MarketWatch, GOBankingRates, Reader’s Digest, The Close, Seek Capital, Apartment Therapy, Fit Small Business, Quicken Loans, and more!