A Home for Jacqueline Lira Castillo and her Family in Nicaragua


May 7th 2017 

This home was funded by 1000watt in December 2015, and since then Jacqueline and her husband have been doing an incredible job working hard while raising her younger sisters, in addition to their own family.

Jacqueline’s been able to grow her business now that she has a home to work out of. She sells nacatamales, beauty products, and is most famous within her community for tailoring and sewing clothes. Her business name, Costuras Castillo’s, is proudly promoted on the outside of her home.

Jacqueline & her husband saved enough money to add 4 rooms and a kitchen to the home 1000watt first made possible for them. Their goal is to continue improving the living conditions for their family. They're a beautiful family and we loved spending time with them. 


February 26th, 2016 

Welcome home Jacqueline! Roof, doors and windows have been installed and now Jacqueline and her family will have a safe place to call home. All that's left to do is paint! 




January 25th, 2016 

Jacqueline's youngest sister, Lesbia and her son, Jaffer, could not be more excited to see the walls going up on their future home. 


December 21st, 2016


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