Member Spotlight - Debbi DiMaggio

 Debbi DiMaggio is to real estate as Joe DiMaggio is to Baseball: a charasmatic winner with an exuberant style all her own. Also, it just so happens that legendary Baseball player, Joe DiMaggio is her third cousin! Not only is Debbi an experienced Realtor, but also a multi-talented author and marketing expert, who together with her partners Adam Betta and Heidi Marchesotti, have turned their brokerage, Highland Partners, into a force for luxury real estate in the Piedmont and Oakland East Bay Areas.


 1. What made you want to get into real  estate?


 I love to be busy. I love to work hard and  I don’t like anyone telling me what to do.  I am 24/7 non-stop and since I love to  work and love what I do I don’t mind the  long hours. For example today at 5:55  pm I have been going all day without  eating and just one glass of water. Not  good I know, but just as I am addicted to  cycling I am addicted to helping my  clients. The funny thing is that when I  was just out of college all I knew was that  I DID NOT WANT to go into real estate  because my dad was in real estate and  he was always busy and on the phone  and we couldn’t get away for vacations.  But I found that real estate was a lifestyle  for me that allowed me to work hard and  make my own schedule so my husband  and real estate partner could attend all of the kids events and travel when we wanted to. Of course now with Docusign, cell phones and email, it’s not my dad’s era anymore -- I was just in Australia and in the Great Barrier Reef having perfectly clear business conversations. #WhoKnew! #WhoWouldHaveImagined


2. What's the proudest moment in your career so far?

Selling my first home (that was over 22 years ago -  The price was most likely $200,000+ )  and selling my most expensive home -- the price is confidential so I will say under $8,000,000. It is truly always a proud moment each time your client gets what they want - both buyers and sellers, and when people are happy. It means so much! I love it every time!


3. What would you say the biggest challenge is with owning your first home?

When things went wrong -- within the first few days of moving into our first home with only ONE bathroom, the toilet and shower backed up! It was awful. The neighbor’s tree roots had invaded our lateral! When the contractor dug up the pipe, I could still see the huge root that had infiltrated our system. What is even worse, we had just moved, we had a two year old and I was 9 months pregnant! It doesn’t get much worse than that. In another home we purchased the water heater went out within 24 hours of closing!

#WhoKnew UGH!


4. How do you hope to impact communities through joining Giveback Homes?

I just love helping others and am involved in many charitable organizations. I can’t say no, as GBH knows. Once I hear about a cause I can’t help but jump right in! Of course what #GBH is doing is amazing and will have such a positive impact on the families and communities they are able to help through providing a roof over head. These people will find confidence and stability, and provide a safe haven for their families. Their children will go on to be stronger, happier and more productive citizens. I am so thrilled to be a part of the GBH movement!!


5. You attended a Giveback Homes Fundraising ride, what did you love most about the ride/experience?

My first ride was pretty amazing. I happened to be in Malibu just down from San Francisco having dinner with a friend when I and noticed an Instagram post about a GBH charity ride with The Agency. Of course I thought, that is genius! I want to do it! (I forgot I had no idea what SoulCycle was! ) But in true Debbi fashion I moved ahead and booked a seat!  I love the energy, the pace, the people, the darkness and peacefulness of the room - even with the loud music blaring; the ride is truly a spiritual one. I have even teared up during rides - it’s nothing I can explain but give it a try! See how it makes you feel. #IAmAddicted 













Debbi continues to combine her passion for giving back with her love for Soul Cycle by joining us for a SoulCycle #ridetobuild in Castro, and then hosting the first Marin ride with us on March 26, 2016. Proceeds from the event benefit the Giveback Homes Build Project in the East Bay/Silicon Valley and will go towards funding our first local Build Day. 




We couldn't have been more excited to sweat it out for a great cause with our local Members and their clients. Thanks to everyone that contributed to the event and helped raise just over $1,000 in one-hour. Join us on facebook for more photos from the ride

To make a donation to our East Bay/Silicon Valley Build Project or any of our other 17 locations here. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and will go directly towards building homes for families in need.