We Mustache You A Question...

As a member of Giveback Homes, Sean donates a portion of his commissions to build homes for families in need, and as a Mo’bro he’s growing a mustache to raise awareness for Men’s health. We mustache him some questions!


Do you like your mustache?

Yes I do, it keeps my upper lip warm on those chilly beach nights. I also think mustaches are magnetic. I find myself reaching for it throughout the day.

Do you often stare at yourself in the mirror? 
Absolutely! I only grow my Mo once a year so this is my time to admire it. It’s fun to watch it come in on a daily basis.
Does your mustache require any maintenance? 
Not much in the early stages. As it grows in, it’ll need to be groomed and trimmed like the fine art of bonsai.
What happens when you meet with clients? 
Meeting with clients is always fun. Those who are unfamiliar with Movember, I usually get the awkward stare. They wonder if I sport a Mo as an everyday look. That’s when I say something and inform them about Movember. Others in the know, bring it up right away and are very excited to see I’m growing it for the cause.
Can you still eat ice cream out of a cone? 
Early on it’s no problem, but later in the month as the Mo fills in, it gets tricky. Given the fact that Mo can absorb 20% of it’s own weight in liquid, I want more of the ice cream in my mouth than on my push broom.
What kind of accent matches your Mo best?
I don’t always drink beer, but when  I do…
We’re going to keep our eye on Sean’s Mo’ for you. You can check out what he looked like without a mustache here, and help him fundraise by clicking here.