Me or Her ? Featuring the Coleman Jordan team

In 2015 these two powerhouses joined forces to provide the consumer with an experience like no other. With Jennifer’s background in marketing and growing businesses, along with Kelly’s exceptional eye for finding the perfect property and negotiation skills, this team creates magic for their clients. Their love of business and joy of life, make working with this team easy and fun. With a combined experience of 15+ years and over 100+ million in sales, they are professional, courteous and knowledgeable.

We met the Coleman Jordan team on instagram and they soon joined the Giveback Homes movement. Let's get to know them! 

Who is more likely to be late to a meeting?

 Jennifer: ME...:/ BUT I'm working on it!


Who is more addicted to their phones?

Kelly: I can’t help it… My husband is constantly telling me to put it away. 
Jennifer: OMG. Kelly for sure! She is a total addict. She might even need an intervention.


Who is a better dancer?

Kelly: Jen. Unfair question! Who can compete with an ex-Rockette?!

Jennifer: Tis true. I was a Radio City Rockette and can definitely do a mean high-kick..:)

Who is a better singer?

Kelly: Ummmmm

Jennifer: I'm petrified to find out.

Who is a better driver?

Kelly: Jen! HAHA She actually gets physically sore when I drive from “fake breaking.”

Jennifer: This totally a true story. We were driving to a Tom Ferry convention in Palm Springs and I was white knuckling it from Kelly's driving and pressing so hard on the floor like I was breaking that my hips were sore the next day! She scares me...hahaha


How'd you two meet?

Kelly: We worked together on another team and thought, “Hey, we can do this better,” and we’ve hit the ground running ever since then. 

Jennifer: We met in real estate and once we started discussing creating our own team and brand, it was instantaneous. She's my work wife and I couldn't be more proud to work with her each day! We have so much respect for each other and truly love what we are building.


Proudest moment of your careers so far?

Kelly: Using the Coleman Jordan Inc. corporate seal for the first time.

Jennifer: Creating our marketing pieces and bringing on our Marketing Director, Gretchen. I LOVE our logo & branding!


You're hosting a Bootcamp To Build fundraiser event on Sat. April 30th. What was the inspiration for a bootcamp?!

Kelly: We all are working on our fitness and it is becoming a part of our team culture. It was a natural way to bridge the gap between CJ, our favorite local vendors and Giveback Homes. 

Jennifer: What she said...:). That was perfect and absolutely true! We made a goal in January to be fit as a team and we also made a goal to give back. Working out for a cause...doesn't get any better than that!

Thank you ladies! You're awesome! We can't wait to join you at the Bootcamp to Build!