Nick Schneider builds 10th home for a family in need

April 10th, 2017 

Take a look inside the home for Amilcar and Verónica. 



February 6th, 2017 

Amilcar and Verónica have been working hard to help build their new home. Our Build Partner reports that they are waiting on City Hall to finish installing pipes underground and expect to be full completed by the end of March. We can't wait! 



We're proud to have Nick Schneider as the very first Giveback Homes Member. Nick has been with us since day one and has funded another complete home for a family in need. This will be the 10th home Nick has built, including 7 in Nicaragua, 1 in the Dominican Republic, 1 in Haiti, and now 1 in El Salvador.


 (Nick in Nicaragua meeting Santiago and his family in 2015) 








 Meet Amilcar and family

Amilcar and his wife Verónica are raising their 3 beautiful children in the Monseñor Romero community in El Salvador. They have one daughter and two sons. Their daughter, Hazel, is 10 years old and in 3rd grade, Kenneth is 4 years old and in kindergarten, and Byron is almost 3.

Amilcar is a construction assistant and Verónica works as a store clerk. They put in long hours to support their family, but don’t have the resources to move beyond their exhausting circumstances. They dream of having their own home.

Their current house is a shack built from plastic tarps and rusty metal sheets. Wind and rain pour into the home through gaps in the walls and roof. A sand wall stands behind the shack, and when it rains small landslides cause mud to pile on the home, putting stress on the weak construction.

Amilcar and Verónica long for a future of peace, safety, and opportunity for their children. They envision a home where they can watch Hazel, Kenneth, and Byron grow up healthy and in pursuit of their dreams.

Their new home will be built to withstand local natural disasters. Homes will have running water and plumbing, contributing to improved health and saving families from spending hours every week collecting water. The new community is located about 10 minutes away from the current slum. Families are removed from the landslide zone, but still have access to their jobs and schools. Parks placed throughout the new town will give children a safe place to play, and parents a space to congregate and build community.

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