Nick Van Gorp's Route to Giveback Homes

Giveback Homes is a community of like-minded real estate professionals looking to give back to the community and create social change by building homes for families in need. Our member, Nick Van Gorp, perfectly embodies that mindset and has been giving back in many ways. 


"5 years ago today. I started an apparel company with the purpose of helping children in need and to pay for school. We sold out the very first weekend and I made a mistake every day of its existence ( learning curve). 5 years later starting a more grown up business with real estate but back with the same purpose on a larger scale. Partnering with Giveback Homes we are providing homes to families; which the Chicago project begins in August. Crazy how fast time goes."


Nick will be participating in our Chicago Build Day on August 26th. Click here to donate to the Build and cick here to join the Giveback Homes movement.