I Was Given a Tube of Caulk and Set Loose



Carrie Qualters started her real estate career in 2005 and is the founder of Red Door Atlanta. She is a dedicated member of Giveback Homes and joined us for our Atlanta Build Day in June. we asked Carrie to share a little bit about her first Build Day and here’s what she said…






Growing up, I had always donated to my church’s Habitat build. My engineering firm that I used to work for always sponsored a build, but I was never available on the build days. Habitat for Humanity had always been on the periphery of my life. One day last year, my good friends and mentors Shaun Rawls and Jeri Moran introduced me to Giveback Homes – a wonderful organization that empowers the real estate community to band together to help build homes for those in need. I began by donating towards the construction of a home for Josefa and her family in Nicaragua that Shaun and Jeri were traveling to help complete. I loved seeing the photos and hearing the stories of the families and communities that they were helping and feeling so accomplished that I had been able to contribute to that effort. 

For more than a year, I have donated a modest amount from the sale of every home to Giveback Homes.  When they announced the sponsorship of an Atlanta build, I couldn’t wait to contribute and see it built. On build day, my husband Tommy and I showed up sunscreened, hydrated and ready to work. He’s handy, has done many projects around our house, even building a deck himself – I knew he would be an asset to the build team. But what would I do? How could I contribute? Honestly I was a little nervous.


I was given a tube of caulk and set loose. First, the bathroom countertops.There I met and got to hang out with Eskor, our homebuyer – who was busy cleaning his bathtubs. What an amazing young man!  Only 24, with a promising job in technology support and so excited – and nervous – about his impending home ownership. I loved working alongside him, learning about him and his family, friends, job and dreams.  He told me about the program – how he learned about it, what an honor it was to be chosen and the rigorous requirements. For the next year he will attend homeownership, maintenance and budgeting classes.  Habitat will be available to help him, but he’s encouraged to take care of his new home himself. He will pay an interest free mortgage. He expressed so much gratitude for this home, poignantly telling me that his family really had no place to gather and he was so proud that his home could be a hub and some roots for his whole family. 


As Tommy and I walked back to the car, I noticed how well kept the Habitat subdivision was. Fresh paint, weed free drives – even on the homes that are several years old.  This community is developing a pride of place and community – in a part of Atlanta that has been devoid of that for some time.  I remembered Shaun talking about when they were in Nicaragua working on Josefa’s house, nearby neighbors began coming out and repairing a wall, sweeping a stoop and fixing up their own homes by the example their hard work. 

I will continue to give from every closing to Giveback Homes for the good they do for individual homeowners and for the energy that that good infuses into communities. I’m so thankful to have met Eskor and I pray that the love that I smooshed into his home with those tubes of caulk will make his home one of love and joy for many years to come!  

- Carrie Qualters


We are grateful to Carrie Qualters for her commitment to giving and for being a leader #forsocialgood ! To make a donation towards the next Atlanta build day, click here. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. And to join the Giveback Homes movement click here