Kim Addelman Funds a Home for Blanca in Bolivia



Kim has helped hundreds of families sell and purchase homes through out Western, New York since 1995. Helping others realize a dream and taking the time to give back to her community is something Kim has made a point of doing all of her life....It is what inspires her. Recently, Kim gave back in a huge way by funding a complete home in Bolivia for Blanca and Nelva. 








 February 22, 2017

Blanca and her family are scheduled to move into their new home on 2/28. The construction crew has been waiting for the city to install the utilities. Fingers crossed construction is not delayed any further. 




August 31, 2016

Construction is underway for a home for Blanca and her daughter. In a couple months the family will be able to move in... We can't wait! 



July 31, 2016

Blanca and her daughter live in Bolivia. Blanca is a hard working, single mother to Nelva, a shy 12 year old girl. The pair has lived in a single, dark rented room for 12 years with a thatched roof and damp walls made of adobe. Every day, Blanca works as a farmer in the fields from 4 am until 5 pm, and then spends the rest of her evening washing laundry for extra income. Nelva walks over 40 minutes each day to get to school, and waits alone in their room at night for her mother to come home. 

Blanca is sick with a disease called Chagas, which is common in damp environments and weakens the heart and central nervous system. The conditions they live in make her disease worse, and make the chances of Nelva contracting the disease dangerously high. However, with a new home the pair will have access to clean water and decent living conditions that will greatly improve their lives. Thanks to our member Kim Addelman, Blanca and Nelva will finally have a safe, clean place to call home. 


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