Sheldon Rilliet on his first Build Day in San Francisco


Sheldon Rilliet is a San Francisco Realtor with Alain Pinel Realtors, and he strives to serve clients with respect, fairness and integrity while providing them with the highest level of service. Sheldon joined Giveback Homes in order to help people that are in need of shelter and support.

Sheldon joined us for our San Francisco build day with Habitat for Humanity on July 30th, and he shared his thoughts on what it was like to be on the site.



What a thrill it was to get out and pound some nails… the feeling of actually helping to build a home for another San Franciscan was a thrill. It was a cold (typical) summer day in the Ingleside/Overview neighborhood and a bunch of volunteers, Realtors, and dedicated Habitat for Humanity folks gathered to accomplish some goals. Throughout the day I had the chance to interact with some of the home recipients and  couldn’t be happier for them. It is truly an incredible win/win for all involved.  I’ve been a member of Giveback Homes for some time, however this  was my first build day. Admittedly I was a little nervous of my capabilities, but realized that with the team surrounding me, it wouldn’t be difficult to get into the swing of things.


Giveback Homes has provided me an outlet to volunteer time to help create a better Bay Area, encouraging diversity and making sure that the city remains a Neighborhood for all. There is truly a symbiotic relationship between Realtors and Giveback Homes… Every home I help to buy or sell I will contribute a portion back to the community in which it is sold.


Thanks for the opportunity Giveback Homes, it really is #forsocialgood.

- Sheldon Rilliet


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