Out with the Old, In with the Blue



Frankie and Danielle Hajj are a powerful duo in San Diego real estate. As sisters and business partners, they compliment each other's strengths and have made it their mission as agents to help build homes for families in need. 

Frankie and Danielle joined us for our San Diego Build Day with Habitat for Humanity on July 23rd and shared their thoughts on the day with us. 



“Just another sunny Saturday in San Diego” was the first thought to cross my mind waking up the morning of the build day. Although my Saturday was going to be spent immersed in manual labor instead of in Open House directionals and house tours, I had yet to realize the impact that lay ahead. I’ve participated in my fair share of volunteering and fundraising, but given the capacity and context of my role in the project, none of my previous experiences struck the particular cord I felt in Imperial Beach.


Being newer members of Giveback Homes, my sister and I showed up pretty blind to the event, nervously wondering if they knew we had zero construction experience. I assured Frankie we could do anything we put our minds to – plus, how hard could hammering a couple nails be? Luckily (for the homeowner’s sake), we were tasked with painting & taping – which I took particular interest in, given that I got to climb really high on a ladder making my sister extremely uncomfortable. There was an infectious camaraderie amongst the group that spread around to everyone and made it easy to get to know the homeowner, Jose, and his son.


 While Jose held the ladder and I taped, we chuckled at how the vibrant blue color of the paint made his soon to be home the boldest on the block. As Jose stared at the project in front of him that was being transformed into his family’s future, into their sanctuary, where memories would be made and lives would be lived, I was engulfed by this feeling of true humanity. As a real estate agent, it can be easy to overlook the scope of the emotion that accompanies a person’s ability to provide a home for his or her family. But in that moment, I was swiftly reminded and deeply affected by it. Lending a helping hand to those in need is not only a responsibility, but a blessing. I am so thankful to the people out there who make it their life mission to create these amazing organizations that make moments like mine possible. A huge thank you to Giveback Homes & Habitat for Humanity! Sign up the sisters for your next build day :) 

- Danielle Hajj

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