Until Next Year, Movember

Mustaches of all shapes, sizes, and colors have been growing all month to draw awareness to men’s health issues. We joined Giveback Homes Realtor, Sean Dinneen on his journey to mustache glory, and we’re pretty sad to see it come to an end. But let’s not forget the real heroes of the month, the wives and girlfriends of all the participants who had to put up with these mustaches.

In honor of Movember and the Thanksgiving holiday, we asked Sean what he was thankful for this year…


SD: I can’t be more  thankful for my wife, Teresa and our one month old baby girl, Gracen. Teresa has been so amazing in her new role as a mom! She even let Gracen join the Mo’ movement to support her daddy. Gracen and I are having such a great time with our Mo’s we’re even going to ask Teresa if we can keep them going until the New Year!! But it’s not likely

I’m also thankful that Teresa will once again enjoy kissing me. Although, I know down deep that she loves my Mo and will be sad to see it go! December 1st  is always a sad day as I will be back to having a cold upper lip and will no longer get looks of confusion/admiration when people see my Mo. But I look forward to doing it all again next year!

Great job Sean! We’re excited for more Realtors to join you next year! Happy Shaving :)

seanmovember Week1Mo Mo3

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