“A Cold Call Turned into the Largest Listing of My Life”


Pablo’s team at Skybox Realty is the authority on luxury condo sales and marketing in San Francisco. His experienced team posses a deep understanding of urban buyers, real-time pricing dynamics and market trends; all of which are at the core of their approach to selling and consulting clients. When not closing deals with clients, you can find Pablo working on his Podcast and passion project, House Rules Podcast with Pablo Cela, available now on iTunes. He joined Giveback Homes to help support and bring attention to the housing crisis for underprivileged families in hopes of providing a better life for them.


Giveback Homes member Pablo Cela knows persistence is key when chasing after your goals. In just a few months, he had made more than 3,000 cold calls as a new agent in his market. With no contacts or sphere of influence, Pablo began prospecting. Just him, his iPhone and the MLS. He was inspired and energized, but very much white-knuckle gripping his prospecting game.

Keven Stirdivant, of KASE Real Estate, and Pablo were the first people in the office almost everyday. They weren't working directly with each other, but rather they were like athletes showing up and putting in work every day. “We'd trade notes, frustrations, funny stories, and I very much wanted to soak up what Keven knew or had experienced” Pablo said. 

“I was burning out and ready to quit…or at least take the day off. Something inside told me to just go to the office…Do your thing."

Keven had encouraged Pablo just a week earlier to relax and have fun connecting with people. “He told me to 

be easy, be lighter, and to be careful with how I am telling myself how I feel,” Pablo explained, “It can be difficult when you're pounding away on cold calls in a seemingly self-imposed prospecting cage.” But he carried on anyway, keeping Keven’s advice in mind.  

It was on the day he felt like quitting, that he showed up, relaxed, and hit the dialer. In 24 hours, he had beat out the number one listing agent in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the United States for the largest listing of his career, $7.7M. 

Take a look at Pablo's cold call listing from Newport Beach, CA.


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