Out with the Old, In with the Blue: Part II

On July 23rd, 2016, Giveback Homes members helped build a home in San Diego for Jose and Bertha. The mission was to help restore the long-time residents’ weathered home. You can read about the build day and experience it through the eyes of Giveback Homes members Frankie and Danielle Hajj here.


About the family

Bertha and Jose are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary next month. They have lived in Imperial Beach since 1973. They purchased their home in 1978 and raised their three children there. The family has been active in their community for decades. Jose started coaching soccer as an AYSO volunteer when his son expressed an interest as a child and led many teams to victory in the thirty years since.

Bertha and Jose like the small town atmosphere of IB, with the same families living in the neighborhood for years. Years ago, their home was named “most beautiful house on the block”, an award bestowed upon them by the city of Imperial Beach, but in recent years they have not had the resources to maintain their house. The fruit trees and pepper plants lovingly grown over decades still stand proudly in the yard, but work must be done to the house to ensure more generations of the family can enjoy it together. 

Habitat volunteers will work side by side with the family to replace the roof, paint the exterior, remove dilapidated fencing, and install new fencing around the front and back yards. With improvements to the yard and home, the family will be able to remain in the community they helped build. 


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