Realtors Finding Ways To Give Back

With Thanksgiving last week and the upcoming holidays, this is an excellent time to give thanks and express gratitude. But it’s also a time to consider those who have less, and if possible, find ways to give back. We wanted to recognize some awesome realtors in the news recently for doing exactly that. Giving back.  What will you do this holiday season to make a difference?

1. This realtor group from Colorado is joining forces with the NAR to give financial grants to Colorado flood victims. That’s what we’re talking about! Read the full story here.

2. Through the years, Gloria Votta has volunteered her time for numerous local charities, and in honor of her philanthropic and leadership efforts, she was named the 2013 Ocean City Realtor of the Year! Congratulations Gloria! Read her story here.

3. Giveback Homes Realtor, Greg Phillips pledges to donate a portion of his commissions to help build homes for families in need. He made it on the morning news!

We encourage every real estate agent to find a way to give back, either locally or globally, every little bit counts. Click here to join Giveback Homes, a philanthropic network of real estate professionals seeking to have a positive impact on the world.